PLACE Test Study Guide – Cramming Advice – When Less Is More!

You may not have meant to ignore your PLACE Test Study Guide – but sure enough, it happened. And now that your Colorado PLACE exam date is looming closer, it’s not only time to crack open your PLACE exam study guide…

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…It’s time to learn the fine art of cramming.

Now, learning how to cram for one of the most important tests in your life isn’t exactly an ideal situation. But you know this already. And right now, a lecture isn’t going to help you soak up every single PLACE detail. You need to optimize your study time in the most effective way possible – and you need to do it soon.

After all, effective cramming will ultimately lead to your Colorado teacher certification!

PLACE Study Guides: Your Friends, or Worst Enemies?

You’re at a crossroads right now.

Either you’re going to turn your “PLACE study guides” into your greatest allies – or your worst enemies. And when it comes down to cramming, the quality of your PLACE review can make or break your success.

So when it comes to cramming, how can you optimize your study guide for maximum Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators (PLACE) test success?

Simple: find a PLACE test study guide that reveals you information about the actual test itself. Too many study guides highlight basic content knowledge that you’ve already learned in college. And when you need to cram, you don’t want to waste your time rehashing information that you’ve been learning about for the past decade!

Before you even take a step towards effective cramming, find a PLACE exam review book that highlights how the test operates – not the ABCs of math and reading comprehension.

Forgo Traditional Study Methods

If you had all of the time in the world, then traditional study methods would work well for your PLACE test. But you don’t have this amount of time. So forget how you used to study in high school and college – you need to revamp your study methods STAT!

Try the following tips and techniques to make the most of your PLACE review in the shortest amount of time:

• Don’t just break your PLACE test study guide into bite-sized chunks – give themes to each chunk. It’s much easier to absorb testing information if you don’t overload your brain all at once!

• Turn educational theories and competencies into case studies. For example, if you’re reviewing Skinner’s theories on positive and negative reinforcement, make up an imaginary classroom and use Skinner’s theories within the classroom. Detailed stories are much easier to recall than random facts

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